Stephen Houpt

: Musician

Artist Overview

I am a Dallas musician.  I play in a variety of genres, from singer-songwriter to instrumental musician to big blues band.  I play acoustic lap steel slide guitar, harmonica, and I also sing.  I have 7 albums on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Special Pandemic Services

I am doing Facebook Live performances.  I would also be open to playing live, but only outside and in extremely safe circumstances.

Artist Bio & Experience

I have 7 albums on Spotify, etc.  I have played many live gigs before the pandemic, including at Poor David's Pub, the Wine Therapist, the Checkered Past Winery, and many performances at the Bath House Cultural Center.

Artistic Services I can provide

I can play at any live venue and also at private parties and also art openings.

Artist Portfolio

Video Gallery

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