FAQs in Response to COVID-19

April 17, 2020


Like many of you, the Office of Arts and Culture (OAC) is grappling with the unknowable longevity and effects of the shelter-in-place restrictions due to COVID-19.  The Cultural Funding Programs Division will be pausing the contracting process and for Round 3 unexecuted contracts for the ArtsActivate 2020 funding program. Currently, this will extend through June 1, 2020, at which time OAC will be in touch to reassess our ability to execute new contracts for project-based services.

OAC cultural programs staff will continue to work with those artists and organizations who are currently under contract through the ArtsActivate 2020 program to find alternate programming solutions and/or timelines. If any artist or organization wishes to forgo their current contract or significantly adjust the project’s scope of work, please contact Cultural Programs Manager, Glenn Ayars at glenn.ayars@dallascityhall.com, by June 1, 2020, to discuss your plans. Given the circumstances, please be assured that any cancellation or your choice to forgo with advance notice will not result in any penalties for future consideration for OAC funding programs.

March 24, 2020

Please know that the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture is focused on and closely monitoring COVID-19 and its effect on the arts community of Dallas. We stand ready to assist our applicants and funding recipients in the coming weeks and months.

For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s website [cdc.gov].


Q: What if I was notified that my project was selected but have not finished contracting? Can we make changes to my proposed project or scope?
A: Applicants should notify OAC Cultural Programs staff of any significant changes in their proposed project that occur after they have submitted their application. Our staff will work with funded applicants to determine the appropriate course of action. This is especially important for those applicants who had proposed events through June 15, 2020.

Q: I am an applicant who has contract with the City of Dallas for my project, but I might have to cancel our project (or part of our project). What options are there?
A: OAC Cultural Programs staff can work with you to establish an extension of your contract if you think you may be able to complete the project activities by a later end date. You also can request a change in the scope of the grant project.

Q: What if my programming includes work in schools, cultural centers, libraries, or other facilities that have been closed during my proposed dates of programming or closed indefinitely?
A: Contact OAC staff to discuss possibilities for an extended project timeline. These projects have the potential to be extended through the fall of 2020.

IMPORTANT: All applicants and those under contract can discuss potential changes with OAC Cultural Programs staff, but final written approval by OAC and the City of Dallas must be given to proceed with any changes.

Cultural Organizations Program

Q: What does my organization do if we are currently in the FY 2019-20 Cultural Organizations Program and our regularly scheduled programming has been affected as a result of COVID-19?
A: Please reach out to OAC Cultural Programs staff to discuss potential solutions. Some services will not be able to be made up, however, we will be working with our COP organizations to find as many ways a possible to provide the originally planned services. Organizations will have an opportunity to report on any services not provided due to COVID-19 in their FY 2019-20 COP Final Report.

Q: Will the FY 2020-21 Cultural Organizations Program application and timeline be changed or altered?
A: No. All applications are submitted electronically through systems that are unaffected by the COVID-19 situation. All materials and submissions will move forward as planned.

Q: Will my FY 2020-21 Cultural Organizations Program application be reviewed on schedule?
A: Yes. OAC is working on remote panel review solutions for applicants to present remotely.


Invoicing: OAC staff will continue to process invoices for services that have currently been rendered for contract deliverables that have been met. Please note that invoices will no longer be available for pickup in the OAC administrative office. All invoices will be mailed unless you are registered to receive an EFT payment. Please check your vendor account at the link below to confirm your address. If you need to update your address, please reach out to OAC staff for further instruction.

Q: Will I be able to contact OAC Cultural Programs staff?
A: Yes. Whether working at our offices or remotely, our staff will be available to answer your questions. It is possible, however, that your regular contact may be unavailable. If you don’t get a response within a reasonable period of time, feel free to reach out to someone else.


Glenn Ayars
Cultural Programs Manager
(214) 671-0878

Adriana Portillo
Cultural Programs Coordinator
(214) 670-4065

Liz Acklin
Cultural Programs Coordinator
(214) 671-1455

Rhonda Ivery
Community Arts Manager
(214) 671-8573

Gerardo Robles
Artist Resource Coordinator
(214) 670-3688