Arts and Culture Advisory Commission

About the Commission

The Office of Arts and Culture is advised by an eighteen-member Arts and Culture Advisory Commission (formerly known as the Cultural Affairs Commission) appointed by the Dallas City Council.  The Commission acts as an advisory body to the city manager and the city council and is responsible for the following:

  1. making recommendations concerning the establishment and implementation of cultural policies and procedures, including cultural diversity;
  2. making recommendations concerning the design, operation, and use of city facilities devoted to the arts and other cultural activities;
  3. making recommendations to encourage the development of cultural programs and activities involving emerging cultural organizations and artists, with special emphasis on the development of ethnic and minority artists and arts organizations;
  4. making recommendations concerning the expenditure of city funds on cultural programs, facilities, and organizations; and
  5. making recommendations to create opportunities for all citizens of the city to have access to the arts and the means of cultural expression; and
  6. performing other duties assigned by the city council or requested by the city manager.

Fifteen of the members of the Commission are appointed respectively by each council member and the mayor, and three of the members are appointed by the city council as a whole. The mayor designates the chair of the commission, and the full city council designates the vice-chair.   See Dallas City Code Article XXVI.

The Arts and Culture Advisory Commission generally meets the third Thursday of each month, except in July and December. Meeting times and locations are subject to change.

City Secretary’s Office Posted Public Meetings

Commissioner Resources

Arts and Culture Advisory Commission Rules of Procedure
Liaison guidelines (from the January 17, 2019 meeting of the Commission)
Liaison reporting template