ART214 – Call for Entries


Entries Deadline:  Saturday, Jan 27, 2024

Applications close at midnight, Central Time

To submit entries, visit

Read all the exhibition guidelines carefully before submitting your entries.

The City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture (OAC) announces a call for entries for the 5th ART214 juried exhibition, which will be presented during Dallas Arts Month in 2024.  Visual artists who live in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Greater North Texas region are eligible to apply. 

Read more about the goals of ART214 and Dallas Arts Month HERE.

To learn more about the participating cultural centers, visit THIS LINK.


Art in all media created by artists who currently live in the DFW and Greater North Texas region will be reviewed. To see if your county is within the boundaries of North Texas, visit the following link:

Art that has been selected for previous ART214 exhibitions are not be eligible.  All concepts and subject matter are welcome. 


All art should be ready for installation at the time of delivery. Artists whose work requires the use of electronic equipment must provide their own equipment.

There are no restrictions on the size of the artwork, but bear in mind that artists are responsible for the transportation of their works and their prompt removal after the show closes. Certain centers may seek the artists’ help with installation if their artwork’s size or intricacy poses a challenge.


All the ART214 entries will be reviewed by a panel of five esteemed art professionals from the DFW area.  The Jurors will select the artwork that will be featured in the five participating venues.  After the art has been selected, an independent Curator will be responsible for choosing the location of each work of art and for curating each section of the collective exhibition.

Although this is a joint exhibition, each participating cultural center will display a separate show featuring the chosen artwork that is assigned to it by the Curator. Because artists can enter up to three entries for consideration, they have the potential of showing their selected work in multiple venues.


Raymond Butler, Artist and Curator

Ashley Jordan, Founder and Creative Program Director of Form Creatives

Mylan Nguyen, Artist and co-founder of Strange Powers Press

Shawn Saumell, Artist, Art and Photography Professor

Jose Vargas, Artist, Curator


Benjamin Muñoz, Artist and co-founder of Familia Print Shop


An entry fee is not required. The Jurors will review photographs of completed artwork and will select pieces for the exhibition.  Unfinished artwork will not be reviewed.

Artists may submit up to three works of art for consideration.

Video artists must enter a web address where the jurors can view their entries.

The exhibition organizers will not accept files submitted on portable media or by e-mail.  All the artwork submitted and exhibited in the ART214 exhibition must be completely the applicant’s original idea and creation.  Art that infringes somebody else’s intellectual property rights will be disqualified and removed from the exhibition.

To submit entries, visit

Only one work of art can be attached to an application on our submission portal. To submit multiple entries, artists must complete one separate application for each submitted work of art.


Please submit sharp high-resolution photographs with your application.  Images that have at least 1200 pixels on the longest side are recommended.


The decisions of the Jurors and Curator are final and indisputable.

Permission to use photographs of accepted entries for promotional and educational purposes is considered granted, unless otherwise indicated by the artist.

Submission of entries constitutes agreement to the conditions set forth in this document and in the cultural centers’ Policy for Exhibitions.

Please visit to see a copy of the Policy for Exhibitions for the Bath House Cultural Center.  Most of the ART214 cultural centers adhere to these policies.


Cultural Center employees are not authorized to accept payments from prospective art buyers, but they may, at their discretion, collect contact information from them and supply it to the artists.  Transactions for the purchase of artwork shall be directly between the purchaser and the artist or his/her official agent. 


Any accepted artwork that is delivered after the scheduled date of delivery will not be included in the exhibition. Transportation of the art to and from the gallery will be the responsibility of the artist. The Cultural Centers will not be responsible for damage, loss or deterioration of any work while in transit. All reasonable care will be given to each work of art when received.

Not all the cultural centers will provide insurance for the works of art.  If your work is accepted, please check with the cultural center where your work will be displayed to inquire about the availability of insurance coverage.


Entries Deadline: Saturday, January 27, 2024

(applications close at midnight, Central Time)

Selection notificationSaturday, March 2, 2024 (after 6 PM)

The list of selected artists will be posted at

Artists are solely responsible for reviewing this list.  The exhibition organizers will not send notifications to each individual artist by phone, e-mail, or otherwise.

The notification will include the list of selected artists, the location where their art will be displayed, an exhibition schedule specific for each center, and other important instructions.

Exhibition Dates for Each Center:
The shows are listed chronologically according to their respective opening dates.

Exhibition Dates: March 16-April 19, 2024
Art Delivery: March 6 and 7, 2024 (10 AM – 5 PM), March 8, 2024 (10 AM-8 PM)
Reception: Saturday, March 16, 2024 (6-8 PM)
Art Pickup: April 20, 2024 (10 AM-5 PM)

Exhibition Dates: March 22-April 27, 2024
Art Delivery: March 5-March 16, 2024
(Tuesdays 9 AM-5 PM; Wednesday-Friday 9 AM-8 PM; Saturday 9 AM-5 PM)
Reception: Friday, March 22, 2024 (5-8 PM)
Art Pickup: April 30-May 4, 2024
(Tuesday 9 AM-5 PM; Wednesday-Friday 9 AM-8 PM; Saturday 9 AM-5 PM)

Exhibition Dates: March 23-April 27, 2024
Art Delivery: March 23, 2024 (11 AM-3 PM)
Reception: Saturday, March 30, 2024 (6-8 PM)
Art Pickup: April 28, 2024 (12-2 PM)

Exhibition dates: April 1-May 5, 2024
Art delivery: By appointment
Reception: Tuesday, April 2, 2024 (5-7 PM)
Art pickup: By appointment

Exhibition Dates: April 13 – May 24, 2024
Art Delivery: April 6, 2024 (12-6 PM)
Reception: Saturday, April 13, 2024 (6-8 PM)
Art Pickup: May 25, 2024 (12-6 PM)


If you have any questions, please contact Enrique Fernández Cervantes (Bath House Cultural Center), at (214) 670-8723 or, or a staff member from any of the other participating cultural centers.