Kalita Humphreys Theater Campus Equitable Access Rental Program

Dallas Theater Center has developed a new Equitable Access Rental Program for the Kalita Humphreys Theater. They will be opening up the Kalita mainstage and Heldt black box theater to more cultural arts organizations across the City of Dallas. The space will be available based on their Equitable Access Plan. This process meets the Dallas Theater Center and City of Dallas’ aim of accommodating future growth in the cultural sector, allowing for new and emerging organizations to have access to the space in the future and for organizations to grow their capabilities artistically and organizationally.

Beginning this September, at least four weeks will be available for rent, with more weeks opening up in the coming years. Uptown Players and Second Thought Theatre will continue to utilize both buildings.

Click for terms and conditions of the Kalita Equitable Access Plan for renting the space.

Rental submissions will be available April 1st, through the Dallas Theater Center website. More information on how and where to submit the rental form will be sent out in the weeks leading up to April 1st.

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