: Intuitive artist creating mixed media sculpture and unique pieces of jewelry

Artist Overview

As an artist with alchemic sensibilities, there is an intuitively personal relationship with each piece.  Primarily self-taught with exploration in many mediums as well as ongoing mentoring via philosophical discussion and hands on experimentation with sculptor and professor Michael Boles have further refined my form of expression.

Cultural impressions to Egypt, South America and Europe as well as exploration of symbolism and the mysteries have also been instrumental in the development of my design philosophy.  Myriad relationships between color and form found in nature and the cosmos are guiding forces in the arrangement of the elements within the work.



Artist Bio & Experience

40+ years in development of design criteria and expression have honed my design sensibilities.

Over the years my work has been chosen for inclusion in highly juried shows as well as being represented in numerous galleries and private collections.


Artistic Services I can provide

I am in process of developing a presentation regarding the philosophy and techniques of my jewelry creations.

Artist Portfolio

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