Molly Sydnor

: Textile designer, weaver, painter, illustrator, product developer, Muralist, social media

Artist Overview

Design Manifesto:

As a multidisciplinary artist, Sydnor strives for innovation and creativity. With a positive attitude, hard work, and focused goals, she meets challenges head on and initiates problem solving. Molly’s persistent drive and values intend to better the team and always push forward.


Molly Graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art in May 2015. She received her BFA in Fiber art concentrating in experimental fashion and photography. Since graduation, Sydnor has been working as a textile designer and product developer in Dallas Texas. Currently she specializes in rug design for a Dallas showroom, freelances as a pattern and print designer, and runs a women’s collective based in Dallas. You will find her most recent partnership with Sweet Tooth Hotel in Dallas now! When Molly isnt working she continues her studio practice specializing in fibers and surface art, as well as many other mediums including drawing, painting, fashion design, and weaving.

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Artist Bio & Experience

Molly Margaret Sydnor (b. 1993) is a Dallas-based multidisciplinary fine artist with an eye for fiber. She received a BFA in Fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015, and was brought to Dallas for a career in product development specializing in rug design. Sydnor creates interactive work through storytelling and the layering of media, ideas and imagery of identity and the body. Experimentation, innovation, and play ground Sydnor’s work in her exploration of the complexities of gender, race, and sexuality. Sydnor was recently exhibited at The Fort Worth Community Art Center, and WAAS Gallery. In 2019, Sydnor completed a residency at Dallas’s Sunset Studios, and will be an upcoming artist-in-residence at Burke Mercantile in LA.

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