Dallas Cultural Plan – Now What?

City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture

On April 23, David Fisher and Anne Marie Gan from the Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) were invited to present an update on the Dallas Cultural Plan’s implementation as part of the twelfth annual Dallas Arts Advocacy Day. This event, presented by the Dallas Area Cultural Advocacy Coalition, also featured an artist’s statement by Tony Browne (Bandan Koro), keynote speech by Margy Waller (TOPOS Partnership), and a session on Principles of Effective Advocacy by Ann Graham (Texans for the Arts).  The OCA was joined by Mary Ann Bonet and Jessica Harden of the Dallas Museum of Art who presented a case study on the Plan’s implementation related to the museum’s bilingual initiatives.

The OCA shared its completed work (e.g., an updated naming policy for City-owned cultural venues), major milestones (e.g., initiation of the Latino Cultural Center Phase II multiform theater), and ways in which the department is organizing to support the plan (e.g., through the newly launched “OCA On The Go” office hours for artists in neighborhoods across Dallas).

A copy of the presentation on the Dallas Cultural Plan Implementation is linked here.