Watershed Gates Call for Submissions

City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture




Public Art Project Budget; $50,000 per site*

Deadline for submission: March 3, 2023

Request for artist or artist team qualifications

The Public Art Program of the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture requests the submission of qualifications from artists or artist teams to design, fabricate and install a work of public art at the Watershed Flood Gates on 1) Budd St near Highway 175 and 2) Bexar St and Highway 175.

The neighborhoods located near the watershed gates are walkable streets with new businesses and economic ventures, with residents who enjoy walking, running, and cycling.

The Watershed Flood Gates are located in the Bonton neighborhood of South Dallas, formerly the site of the Turner Courts housing projects, and currently the site of the recently constructed Buckeye Trail Commons. This area is a historically underserved neighborhood, and home to many long term residents and many newcomers alike.

By engaging with this neighborhood, this project aims to create more diversity within the Dallas public art collection, and uplift marginalized voices.

Dallas residents living and/or working in the Bonton area strongly encouraged to apply.

The budget for this project is $50,000 per site. A mandatory 20% contingency fee ($10,000 per site) will be held for unforeseen costs. The entire budget amount is available for use with written request from the artist(s) for release of contingency fee. This fee is standard across all City of Dallas Public Art projects. Two artists will be selected, one per site.

The scope of the project:

  • Artwork must be highly visible.
  • Artwork must require little or no maintenance as appropriate for outdoor work.
  • Artwork must be free of safety hazards.
  • Artwork must reflect the local community
  • Artists will be tasked with community outreach for input on final design


The Artist Selection panel will review qualified submissions. A short list of artists or artist-teams will be identified and contracted to develop a site-specific concept design for artwork.  Each artist selected will receive a stipend of $1,000 to cover the costs of producing a site-specific public art concept proposal for the site.

The short-listed artists will prepare a concept design proposal comprised of drawings, digital renderings or, where applicable, a moquette, for a site-specific work at the designated location that will be responsive to the scope of the project. The artist must include a draft budget demonstrating that all phases of the artwork can be completed within the budget:  design development, final design, fabrication, foundation, installation and completion.  An estimated maintenance plan and costs is required.

The stipend must cover all costs of site visits, meetings with community members, site research, production of a site-specific public art concept, and shipping of the moquette (where applicable) and travel to make a presentation of the proposal to the selection panel.

Gates will remain in their current position (see photos below), and artists will need to work with and around the exposed armature. We are seeking 2D artists with experience in outdoor mural painting. Final piece will require the use of marine-grade paint, and an anti-graffiti coating. Work must be resistant to debris and outdoor elements.



All professional artists living in Dallas or who are members of the pre-qualified artist list with a demonstrated record of successful completion of artwork at a similar cost and scale are eligible to apply, with the following exceptions:

  • Artists currently under contract with the City of Dallas Public Art Program,
  • Employees of the City of Dallas and their spouses,
  • Members of the Public Art Committee, or
  • Any consultants under contract for any phase of the projects.
  • Undergraduate students
  • Minors (persons under 18 years old


  1. Current professional resume
  2. 6 images of previous projects with similar budgets.
  3. Image: title, date, location, materials, dimensions, budget and commissioning entity
  4. Letter of interest
  5. Three (3) professional references

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: MARCH 3, 2023 AT 11:59 PM CDT on Google Forms: https://rb.gy/abwolo





Application for any project advertised by the City of Dallas Public Art Program constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in this prospectus as well as recognition of ordinances and policies of the City of Dallas (including the Good Faith Effort and the Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise goals of the City Dallas). The City of Dallas reserves the right to reject all submissions and to terminate the selection process without prior notice.


Budd St. Location:

Width 10.5 inches

Height- 11 ft 5.5 inches latch side

Height- 11 ft 6.5 inches hinge side

Length- 30 ft 6.75 inches

Left side facing Lamar

Width- 10.5 inches

Height- 12ft 3.5 inches hinge side

Height- 11 ft 1 inch latch side

Length- 30 ft 6.5 inches


Bexar St. Location:

Right side facing 175 off ramp

Width- 10.5 inches

Height- 8ft 2.25 inches latch side

Height- 8 ft 6.25 inches hinge side

Length- 23 ft 7.5 inches

Left side facing school

Width- 10.5 inches

Height- 8 ft 11.5 inches hinge side

Height – 8 ft 1 inch latch side

Length- 23 ft 10.75 inches