Roberta Masciarelli

: Visual artist - Assemblage, mixed media,

Artist Overview

Assemblage sculptures with found objects and electronic waste.
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Sustainable Art: assemblage & mixed media

Artist Bio & Experience

Roberta Masciarelli is a Brazilian born visual artist based in Dallas, Texas, USA. Being in the visual arena all her life, she kept changing her artistic expression throughout time. While her career started as an illustrator in Sao Paulo, Brazil - after she graduated with a degree in Architecture - she then moved into the areas of graphic design and web design. And she loved her profession.

But the winds changed as they do and her true calling arrived. The computer was put aside — a decision which she doesn't regret. Roberta then started to paint, experimented with mixed media until she found her true love which is building pieces, creating sculptures with found objects.

Her background from her formal training in Architecture also had a significant influence - thinking and planning ahead before building. She constructs structures with found objects, electronic waste, pencils and other repurposed materials  giving life to fictional factories, devices, imaginary situations that don't belong to the real world —at least at first glance.

Her art is sustainable using recycled material in unusual ways where she exposes these constructions built with hardware. Most if not all of her works have underlying stories and call attention to environmental issues where relevant.

Masciarelli has participated in collective exhibitions around the world such as Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti (Rovereto - Italy), Vestervig Prison and Legal Historical Museum (Vestervig, Denmark), Thy Skulpturhaven Museum (Thy, Denmark).

Within the US, she has exhibited at several museums: Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts (Tallahassee, FL); Attleboro Arts Museum (Attleboro, MA); Red River Valley Museum (Vernon, TX); Monmouth Museum (Monmouth, NJ); Alexandria Museum of Art (Alexandria, LA); Farmington Art Museum (Farmington, NM); Museum of the Red River (Idabel, OK); San Antonio Art League & Museum (San Antonio, TX).
Her solo show was in 2018 - Constructio, which focused on factories, devices and technology - at Shore Gallery (Abilene Christian University, Abilene TX).
In 2019 she participated in a two person exhibit at Terminal 136 Art Gallery - UTSA, San Antonio, TX.

Recently she was awarded with the Virgina and Andre Belly Award, 3-D category at the 90th San Antonio Art League & Museum Juried Exhibition, San Antonio, TX.

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