Kendra Wiggins

: mixed media artist working in textiles and painting

Artist Overview

I'm a local artist born and raised in DFW. I received my BFA at UTA and my MFA from SMU. I now teach Drawing and Painting at UTA. I work with textiles, paint, found objects, printmaking, etc. I'm interested in doing workshops as well as participating in exhibitions.


I approach my work with an openness to explore, pushing and pulling a piece as I wrestle with ideas of strength and fragility.  I see life as a series of mostly subtle shifts that we respond and adapt to; which is how I approach and respond to materials.  My work plays on subtleties: the line made from sewing two separate fabrics together, the weight of a rock in a pocket, the drag of a pencil through almost dried paint; the reuse of a worn-out shirt.  I am drawn to a neutral color palette, which I use as a unifying element throughout my work.  I am constantly trying to rid myself of distractions: editing out, painting over, paring down my work until it is at a balanced state.  Responding to the needs of each work individually, I seek to display a delicate duality of strength and vulnerability.

Artistic Services I can provide

workshop ideas:

monoprints, papermaking, watercolor, building panels and canvases, drawing or painting, transfers, life drawing, etc.. I work with both young children and adults.

Artist Portfolio

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