Kathy Baker Mackey

: Visual Artist

Artist Overview

A self-taught artist and a late bloomer, I began painting in mid-life, while attending college. My field of study was demanding, painting became my creative outlet and a way to relieve stress.
I fell in love with the feel of the brush and paint as it flowed on the canvas.

I have been blessed to study and attend visual arts workshops with local artists, Niki Gulley, Nancy Medina and Laurie Pace and New York artist, Henry Finkelstein.

With the most important roles in my life, wife, mother and grandmother, I was a “early bloomer.” However, there are many joys in being a late bloomer, one of mine is painting.

God has richly blessed me. I sing His praises through brush strokes and color.

Lush, thick, puddles of color…
An idea…
That’s how it starts; then a story evolves…
I’m just the instrument used to tell the story.
There is suspense and mystery until the very last brush stroke is applied!

My hope is that my paintings bring conversation, joy and happiness into the world.
-Kathy Baker Mackey

Special Pandemic Services

Making it as easy as possible for people to bring art into their lives during this challenging time. Offering online shopping of original art at www.kathybakermackeyart.com/shop with contactless free delivery within 100 miles.

Artist Bio & Experience

In Bloom - Juried Exhibition, TVAA, Juried by Sabrina Rigel Bunce - Third Place
Purple Passion - The Artist Circle Gallery - “Sheltered” Second Place

Red - Juried exhibition, The 8680 Gallery, Frisco, Texas.
Membership Exhibition - Texas Visual Artists Association, Juried by Kristin Rivas , Dallas, Texas.
- Red – Juried Exhibition - The 8680 Gallery, Frisco, Texas.
- Love and Hurt Exhibition - TVAA Gallery, JuJu Bartush.
- FiveSQUARED Charity Exhibition - Color Me Empowered, Dallas, Texas.
- Artrageous, Juried Exhibition, The Visual Arts Guild of Frisco, Texas.
- Contributing Artist - Salons by JC Dallas Exhibitions, Dallas, Texas.
- Art En Blanc - Juried exhibition, The 8680 Gallery, Frisco, Texas.
- I Heart Art “100 Stories to Tell”, Color Me Empowered Charity Exhibition, Dallas, Texas.
- Blue - Juried, exhibition, The 8680 Gallery, Frisco, Texas.
- Reflections of Gratitude Juried Exhibition, TVAA, Dallas, Texas. Juried by Andrea Lamarsaude - Honorable Mention.
- The Middle Kingdom Meets the Lone Star State Exhibition.
- The Artist Showplace Gallery - Group Show.
- Membership Exhibition - TVAA, Dallas, Texas.
- Citation Show, TVAA, Mesquite Arts Center, Mesquite, Texas.
- Still Life TVAA Gallery Dallas, Texas Juried, Terri Nelson, Curator.
- Little Something Something - TVAA Gallery, Leon Robertson, Curator Dallas, Texas.
- SMTX Flora & Fauna Juried Art Show, Dahlia Woods Gallery, Third Place.
Where Art Lives - Gallery Publication, Still Life - Third Place.
Solo Show - The Jeanette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

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