Jessica Bell

: Visual Artist / Teaching Artist

Artist Overview

Jessica Bell is a mixed media artist and contemporary ceramic sculptor based in Dallas, TX. Her work focuses on themes of feminism, identity, and the paradoxes of adulthood from an intersectional lens. Growing up as a black child with white parents in a small rural town in upstate New York, Bell navigates multiple spaces and identities throughout her work.

Using coded visual language, her objects are rarely what they seem - often containing surprising subtexts and histories that reflect her own journey towards reconciling her multiple identities. Bell’s work is visually arresting, playful, seductive, and sumptuous in its use of materiality. Bell seeks to subvert and comment upon the expectations of black female art in America.

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Artist Bio & Experience

Jessica Bell's innovative and creative approaches to art are a reflection of her upbringing in upstate New York. Bell has several degrees: an A.S. Degree in Fine Arts, a B.S. Degree in Art Education from SUNY Buffalo State, a M.S.Ed in Arts Education from SUNY New Paltz. Bell also received a C.A.S. from SUNY Fredonia in Language Acquisition while working as a full-time arts educator in upstate New York. For several years Bell has traveled abroad to Spain as an instructor and obtained a C.S. from Universidad Castellan in Spanish, and her latest is a C.A.S. in Graphic Design from SMU.

As a part of her professional accolades, Bell has presented at state and national art conferences in New York & Texas. She has participated in the International Banner Exhibition, presented at the USSEA Conference on "The Importance of Quality Arts Curriculum”, was a guest speaker at the NYSAFLT Conference presenting "Approaches To Teaching Foreign Language Through The Arts”, and presented solutions for teaching in Urban School Districts & workshops for college students on portfolio development. Bell is active in the art scene and shows her work in various galleries.

Through her academic and practicing artist experiences, she has had the opportunity to work with a diverse population through three successfully completed Special Support Grant from the Office of Cultural Affairs that allowed her to offer free art classes to the East and South Dallas Community reaching over fifty participants. Outside of her community involvement, Bell works on murals, commissioned art, and graphic design work for various companies. As the latest step in her career, Bell is bringing her enthusiastic approach to art and expertise in education to Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

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Virtual art lessons, private and group
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