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Artist Overview

I am a Spoken word artist/ Poet, who speaks from the heart. My poetry is birthed from experience, I take everything I experience in life and I write about it. The good, the bad, and the ugly, I take it all and create something beautiful. It’s my goal and mission to impact every person I come in contact with. My poetry is very encouraging/ inspirational because I have seen the dark side of life and I want to help others find their light.

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Artist Bio & Experience

Poetic Guru is a writer, author, Motivational Speaker and Spoken Word artist. Native of Metro Detroit, he relocated to Dallas Tx in 2019, but has been writing and performing on stages across the United States since 2011.  In 2017 he published his first book entitled Echoes of Gods Heart which is a collection of original poems about God. He is currently in the process of recording a EP of spoken word and writing a new book, both of which he expects to release by late 2023. He believes it is his souls’ mission to connect to people via his poetry, and for his words to have an uplifting and positive impact on their lives as they journey through it. Guru’s spoken words are always introspective and healing while remaining culturally relevant. His motto is “I show my scars so that others may know, that they can heal too.” He travels between Detroit and DFW performing and hosting events. It is his ambition that his work will lead him to the path of Motivational Speaking and philanthropy in service to humanity.

Artistic Services I can provide

  • Spoken word performances
  • Write custom poems
  • Curate Poetry events/Open Mics
  • Hosting

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