Brett Dyer

: Visual Artist

Artist Overview

Artist’s Statement

As I create, I turn my hands over to my heart and mind. I reflect what I see, hear, and feel.  I exhibit others and myself through visual therapy to help myself understand and process daily life.  I do this because it is what my body and mind compel me to do.

I believe that if you do not bring out what is inside of you, what is inside of you will eventually destroy you.

My work has developed over the years from representations of images and emotions towards a more heartfelt style of expression.  Instead of thinking before I create, I think as I create and resolve formal problems as I work through a piece.  Painting gives me the freedom to put my emotions and actions into my work.  This places me present within the work.  If you do not present yourself to the world, you deny the world of yourself.  Your thoughts and responses of the times might just be what others need to see.

Experiences in life are my work. I hope that my creations communicate a more universal, yet individual sense of empathy and bigger picture sense of what is life; life for all of us.

My life and work are one.  They would not exist without each other.

Artist Bio & Experience

Artist and Art Professor Brett Dyer received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Tyler, Texas, in painting and printmaking and a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and intermedia arts from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas.

Brett has been employed at North Lake Campus of Dallas College since 2012 teaching Drawing 1 & 2, Painting 1 & 2, Design 1, Advanced Design, and Art Appreciation.  He also serves as an advisor to the Student Art Club and as Faculty Coordinator of the Art Department.

Prior to teaching at North Lake, he worked as an Adjunct Professor of Art at El Centro College in Dallas, Texas from 2006-2012 teaching Art History Survey 1 & 2, Design 1, Design 2, Advanced Design, and Art Appreciation.  Brett also worked as an Adjunct Professor of Art and a Full Time Temporary Art Professor at Tarrant County College Southeast Campus in Arlington, Texas.  There, Brett taught, Drawing 1 & 2, Painting 1 & 2, Introduction to Bookmaking, Art History Survey 1 & 2, and Art Appreciation from 2007-2011.  He worked at Collin College in Plano, Texas as an Adjunct Art Professor from 2010-2012 teaching Drawing 1 and Art Appreciation.  Brett also taught private workshops in printmaking, encaustic, painting, and drawing at various DFW art centers such as the Dallas Arts Center, The Encaustic Center, Visual Arts Society of Texas, Trinity Arts Guild, and The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Brett exhibits his personal artwork locally and nationally throughout various galleries and museums. He has won many awards for both his art and teaching.

Artist Portfolio

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