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Welcome to the Community Artist Program’s (CAP) Roster!


The Community Arts Program provides funding to ethnic and culturally specific individual artists and cultural organizations to teach, perform, and exhibit at host facilities in neighborhoods around the City of Dallas. CAP cultivates collaborations between artists and communities. The Community Artist Program is offered to facilities and groups within the city limits of Dallas. Events or services must be free of charge. Services are available in the form of performances, workshops, and residency programs. Some performances and workshops can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the host organization. Artists are available through the CAP funding program offered by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs. You book the services and OCA pays their fee. The Office of Cultural Affairs staff will assign participating artists/organizations to services in the community on a request and need basis. Community hosts may include churches, community organizations, recreation centers, social service agencies, and other non­profit groups. Emphasis will be placed on underserved or un­served communities that have not had prior exposure to the art form. An attempt will be made to spread program services throughout all areas of the City. Performances are based on a 50 minute presentation. Workshops are available in 2­day and 4­day series. Residency Programs are 4 – 8 week placements for artists to provide concentrated sessions with the same audience. Bookings are available for audiences ranging from pre­school to senior citizens. You must fill out a 2018-19 CAP Artist/Organization Request Application to be considered. Not all requests can be filled. If you are interested in booking an event, please contact Rhonda Ivery, Artist Resource Coordinator, at




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