“One Riot, One Ranger” Sculpture Comments

Recent news reports have led the Department of Aviation (DOA) and Office of Arts and Culture (OAC) to reassess one of the pieces in Dallas Love Field’s award-winning art program.

The sculpture “One Riot, One Ranger“ was donated to the City in 1963 before current guidelines requiring the extensive review of public art donations were in place.

The model for the sculpture was involved in enforcing segregation against court orders and appears in a photo depicting flippancy toward racial insensitivity.

Given current events and discussions about race in the City and across the country, DOA and OAC made the decision to avoid any possible controversy and in line with the City Council’s 2017 expression of support for removal of unwelcoming symbols.

The Aviation Director has moved the statue into storage under the authority of Dallas City Code Volume 1. Section 5-4, which reads in part,

“The director of aviation is hereby authorized to promulgate rules and to supervise and direct the use, operation, and maintenance of all properties situated on or having relationship to any municipally owned or maintained airport, whether such properties are directly related to aviation activities or not, and in a manner that will provide the most efficient, safe, and economical use of the properties in serving the public interest…”(Ord. Nos. 14384; 19300; 26492)

The sculpture will be kept safely until a broader community discussion can take place about its display in a prominent location at Dallas Love Field.

The form below is provided for public feedback for comments relating to the relocation of the “One Riot, One Ranger” statue at Love Field.


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