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THE 1936 HALL OF NEGRO LIFE: A Documentary

We are celebrating the 1936 Hall of Negro Life, a momentous prelude to Civil Rights History, through a documentary film with Southroad Pictures. This documentary serves to honor and share the story of The Hall of Negro Life, which was in itself, a groundbreaking exhibition hall that existed on the grounds of Fair Park for only one year. The Hall has received little attention since 1936 and few stories exist to preserve this momentous moment of history.

In support of this important documentary film, the OAC is inviting all to join in commemorating this extraordinary exhibition. We are looking for memories, images, audio histories, artifacts, documents, or any other ephemera relating to the Hall of Negro Life!

Tune in for broadcast, June 17th at 7:30 pm on KERA TV.

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This sculpture is dedicated to the life and memory of 12-year old Santos Rodriguez, an innocent boy who was murdered while handcuffed in a police car by Officer Darrell Cain on July 24, 1973. The killing shocked Dallas and the nation. The sculpture will serve to remind present and future generations that human life and dignity are sacred, symbolized by figures at the base representing the Latinx community. We honor the life of Santos Rodriguez.
Esta escultura está dedicada a la vida y memoria de Santos Rodríguez, un niño inocente de 12 años que fue asesinado por el Oficial Darrell Cain mientras estaba esposado en una patrulla el 24 de julio de 1973. El asesinato conmocionó a Dallas y a la nación. La escultura sirve para recordar a generaciones actuales y futuras que la vida humana y la dignidad son sagradas, esto es simbolizado por las figuras en la base de la escultura que representan a la comunidad Latinx. Honramos la vida de Santos Rodríguez.

Dedication February 12, 2022

LOVE BIRD at Love Field

LoveBird is located at the corner of Mockingbird Lane and Herb Kelleher Drive welcoming passengers and visitors to Love Field. The inspiration for the work is a mockingbird spreading its wings in a valiant display of pride and optimism. Its sleek contours compliment the Modernism of the terminal, simultaneously suggesting a fantastical bird or advanced aircraft, poised for flight. It evokes the “wing display” of the Mockingbird and brings a poetic and heroic presence to the site.

Installed November 2021
Dedication Spring 2022


Adelfa Callejo sculpture, Dallas’ first of a Latina, will land at in downtown Dallas. A City Council committee accepted the statue as donation. The placement location of the statue was chosen as the North East corner of Main Street Garden Park, facing the UNT Law School. The statue will be placed in the chosen location in March of 2021, if COVID restrictions allow.

Installed November 2021
Dedication Spring 2022


By Andrew Scott. This tribute to Anderson Bonner will be located at Anderson Bonner Park located at 12000 Park Central Drive.

Anderson Bonner was an African-American landowner, entrepreneur, and early Dallas pioneer. By 1870, Bonner had arrived in Dallas, along with his sister Caroline and his brother Louis, where he worked the family farm north of White Rock Creek. Over the next few decades Bonner secured a remarkable amount of land, making him a financial phenomenon of early Dallas. He ultimately ended up with nearly 2,000 acres of land, located mostly along White Rock Creek and surrounding areas in what is now North Dallas and Richardson, including the land which is now Medical City Dallas Hospital, located at Forest Lane and North Central Expressway.

Installing May 2022




The Office of Arts and Culture’s Public Art Program is developing a public art project that will honor the victims of racial violence lynched in Dallas County.​The location for the artwork, approved by the Park Board, will be Martyrs Park, 379 Commerce Street.

Installing December 2022


Due to COVID-19 restrictions there was not an on-site dedication at Kiest Park for the new work of public art paying tribute to the musical contributions of Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan. 

Video Dedication


Tribute to Arthello Beck

Tribute to Arthello Beck Jr. #thehumanization is a sculpture created by Jennifer Monet Cowley in honor of artist Arthello Beck Jr.  

In 1972 Arthello said, “We live in a dehumanized society. To combat this dehumanization, I try to bring out human values in my art.”  

The sculpture draws from the positive images of African-American life and the community in his work. Arthello depicted the African-American family in many ways: children at play, fathers reading to their children, generations of women doing hair, children dancing, little girls playing with dolls, religious scenes and others.  

The sculpture represents his “humanization” of the black family and community. The whimsical tree at the center of the sculpture is taken from Arthello’s beloved bald cypress trees found at Caddo Lake in East Texas.  

Coming in July 2022 to Twin Falls Park.