Allison Stratton

: Visual artist and Interior designer

Artist Overview

Allison Stratton is a visual artist and interior designer. Both disciplines inform her work! She has recently re-branded as TRNSLATE Studio to encompass any creative path or collaboration.

Special Pandemic Services

Offering commissions for portraits of all kinds, based off of patron-provided photographs.

Artist Bio & Experience

Allison Stratton is a mixed media artist originally hailing from the Northeast Arts District in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She moved to Fort Worth, Texas in August of 2019.

An interior designer by trade and education, Allison completed introductory studio art classes to learn drawing, sketching, color theory and composition basics while earning her Interior Design degree at the University of Minnesota. Her most recent works were influenced by a workshop course taken at the Grand Marais Art colony jn Minnesota. It is there that she learned of the fumage technique, used at the start of all of her work. She is inspired by surrendering control of a final outcome in the sporadic nature of her media, including fumage, dripped was, and fluid acrylic.

Artistic Services I can provide

Available for Plein air, sittings or photograph portraits of buildings, landmarks, pets, people.

Large portfolio of both abstract and figure paintings available for gallery showings, purchase and prints.

Residential and one-off non-permit interior design services offered.

Artist Portfolio

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